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Solidarity Day 2020

This year the Thos i Codina institute holds the 13th edition of the Solidarity Day.

On that day, all students learned about government’s commitments to the international agreements on the need for the human solidarity as an initiative to fight against poverty, hunger and disease, and the promotion of the culture of cooperation, equality and social justice.

On the basis of such fundamental values and purposes, Thos i Codina School community members were all embracing a common cause which is being most importantly marked by coronavirus pandemic these days.

You can see the entire article hereSolidarity Day

Here you can see some pictures of the journey.

Concurs FotoMates 2020

Els alumnes i professors de l’Institut han participat en el concurs anual de Fotografia matemàtica.

Aquestes són les imatges guanyadores.


Disseny de Mascaretes sanitàries

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Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium

Kaunas - Lithuania

Zespół Szkół Społecznych

Wolow - Poland

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