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Exchange in Lithuania


Project meeting November 18-22, 2019

(Kaunas, Lithuania)

Monday November

Meeting the guests at school

Introducing project coordinators/teachers to the administration and teachers of Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium

Opening ceremony in the school hall.

Tour around the school. Our students.

Review of movie “Pay it forward/Chain of favours“ and discussion.

Tuesday November 19

Educational-orienteering competition in the space of gymnasium (at school).

Tolerance tour in town „European cultural values“. Excursion.

Presentations of the project participants about key competence and social services for social inclusion strategies.

Wednesday November 20

Debates “Multicultural Mentoring between equals”.

Excursion to Vilnius “Chain of favours in action”.

Thursday November 21

Visiting Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University. Human rights and social inclusion.

Teachers meeting.

Making a collage from Coats of arms “Multicultural Mentoring between equals”.

Friday November 22

Sports competitions “Different but equal“.

Closing ceremony.


On the week of November 16-23, 4th ESO students exchanged with Jonas Jablonski Gymnasium in Lithuania, along with fellow students from Poland Zespol Szkol Spolecznych w Wolowie. During the stay, the students have been welcomed into the homes of other Lithuanian students, where they have been able to immerse themselves in the culture of the country and, in particular, make a linguistic immersion in English. The Jonas Jablonski School has organized a series of activities to work on the topic of “Social Inclusion”, looking for proposals and conducting discussions to deepen the topic.


Students from each country have made their own presentation of their school, and of themselves. On the school tour we have been able to see how they work in the classrooms, the library, the gym and the dining room. At one of the activities we watched the movie “Pay it forward” and then commented and made conclusions regarding the social view of the film. The next day, after preparing a series of work premises, related to tolerance and social integration, we visited the capital, Vilnius, where students wandered around the city, searching and finding out about the topics of tolerance and integration in the city. The teachers paid a cultural visit to the historic center to learn about the history of the country.


Another very important activity is the conduct of a debate.

Students divided into two groups should justify and defend an idea about “Multiculturalism”.


The host school also offered us a theatrical performance. Congratulations to the actors in the play, who did very well !!!



Another visit that was very interesting was the Kaunas Holocaust Museum (The Ninth Fort). Where Professor Saulius Skucas served as a guide during the tour.


A group photo to complete the exchange.