Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium is one of the best schools in Lithuania. It can boast long history. Back in 1931, a new primary school was built on the hill in the very center of Kaunas city. Future President Valdas Adamkus, a member of Parlament Kazys Bobelis, the first Rector of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University Dr. Avizienis were among its first pupils. With years, high educational standards guaranteed real-gymnasium status awarded in 1998, in addition to its already existing humanitarian status. It is majoring in English and teaching the pupils from all over Kaunas. The pupils choose this school having purpose to master English; that is why all of them are highly motivated. We teach our students by introducing various teaching techniques. We would like to create friendly environment for our students and our purpose is to show them the possibilities they are given by life. We want them to see the piece of world, different cultures, languages and people.

The Gymnasium is proud of its former students such as poet V. Palcinskaite, composer G. Kuprevicius, ice dance World and European medalist P. Vanagas, a few members of the Seimas, etc. This versatile list is an excellent confirmation of the fact that the staff of Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium not only emphasize high academic standards but also encourage students’ critical thinking, creativity and self-expression.

The gymnasium continuous to prepare students in every possible way to take a full role in changing society. It is commited to the welfare of each child and the development of each child’s full potential. It encourages our pupils to make their full contribution to the gymnasium life. Our pupils have a record of achievement in every sphere of activity. The gymnasium students demonstrate really good examination results. An exceptionally high percentage of them enter universities and colleges in Lithuania and abroad. The pupils are equally interested in exact sciences and humanities. Traditionally our students are among the winners and laureates of annual international and national competitions, contests, tournaments as follows: the Public Speaking (in English) and Debate (in English) Championships or Tournaments, the national English and Lithuanian language competition “Kangaroo”, etc. The students of our Gymnasium participated in the projects “We Must Not Forget It”, “Global Entrepreneurship Week”, “Your Sight”, Comenius projects “Equal by Law, but not in Reality?” and “Photography as a Pedagogical Tool”.
It is a great opportunity for the whole school to experience new cultures and share good pedagogical practices. Projects help our students to have an enlarged perspective over the international career and studies possibilities.

By active involvement of the students in the project, we believe that, they are going to have a great chance to practice their language and to interact with the students from different parts of Europe. We don’t have immigrants and refugees, but we have some pupils with special needs.
Numerous academic achievements and active involvement in projects do not hinder gymnasium students’ rich cultural, artistic and sports life. They are constant participants of various exhibitions, plein-airs, music festivals, children’s art contests. Moreover, the pupils show their high moral values by taking part in charity activities when they present their handicrafts to the residents of retirement homes and orphanages.

Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium is devoted to developing the best in each student by supporting their goals, encouraging and inspiring them to their academic, moral and creative achievements and creating a friendly atmosphere with the help of a highly professional staff.


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