Zespół Szkół Społecznych (ZSS) is a school complex consisting of a primary, middle and general education secondary school. This unique institution (there is no other school complex like this in Poland) was set up by a local association – Stowarzyszenie Inicjatywa Samorządowa RAZEM as an answer to a difficult situation in the field of education in Wołów and neighbouring communes. The main idea was to create an opportunity for children and teenagers to be educated in a way enabling them to complete their dreams and life goals. The founders – a lawyer, a banker, a psychologist, a teacher and a local government official realized that it was possible to create a school where children would be able to gain knowledge and develop their interests in the atmosphere of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect for others.

The school philosophy is to teach children and teenagers in groups of maximum 18 so that the teachers are closer to their students‘ needs, put increased emphasis on foreign languages and generally create a friendly learning environment. Recently we have introduced bilingual curricula for maths and history.
This goes along with the corner stone idea of the association is proving that in the times of deep divisions in society it is possible to work, as an open and outgoing individual, selflessly for the community.

The school complex which is managed by the Association has 245 pupils at the moment. All actions carried out by the schools are in accordance with statutory goals of the Association – the managing body and the schools do not work irrespective of the Association. Its goals include: supporting balanced development in the field of culture, society and economy in our local environment, supporting democracy and building a civil society, supporting local enterprises integrating our local community, providing equal educational chances for children and teenagers from towns and villages.

This is accomplished by means of school education in accordance with Polish educational law, organising courses and trainings, supporting development of local infrastructure, supporting local economy, promoting eco-farming, protecting wildlife, creating new working places, promoting healthy lifestyle, promoting tourism, sport and other forms of active leisure.
The Association has always been non-profit and apolitical. Thanks to its engagement in the above mentioned areas it has won the reputation of an organization working for our local community. Its status of ‘public benefit organisation’ can be then considered as its ‘quality label’.
Apart from the Community School Complex, the Association also manages a kindergarten and the University of the Third Age. As a result, our efforts in the field of education comprise in fact all age groups.

For this project, the core age group will consist of middle school and secondary school students. In the future, its fruit might be enjoyed by primary school pupils who continue their education in our middle and later general education secondary school.


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